ASQ Elevates The Voice Of "The Global Voice Of Quality"

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Need to elevate your local or global web presence?

With millions of members in 150 countries across the world, ASQ is still an association looking to grow. Zeon Solutions helped them do just that. ASQ’s internal Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns were missing the ROI mark and competitors were surpassing them in the digital marketplace. Adding fuel to the fire, highly-regarded ASQ conferences weren’t generating strong visibility, website visitors weren’t turning into leads and the ASQ website was facing its own user experience issues. Enter Zeon Solutions.  


ASQ partnered with us to develop a strategic search engine marketing plan, including content strategy, targeted PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo and social media channels, remarketing and more robust analytics management. More membership leads and greater visibility followed.

We evaluated how users interact with, developed personas and recommended content changes that ASQ can enact to help improve the experience, conversion and visitor value. The PPC program was revised to target revenue-generating areas of the ASQ site. Different internet architectures and ads were tested, keywords were monitored and tested, and analytics were used to adjust content and keywords to better direct visitors to specific landing pages.

Remarketing via Google Display was implemented with a goal to increase conference registration. After visitors viewed conference detail pages on, image ads appeared while users browsed other website reminding them to come back to to register for a conference.

Focusing on their social media efforts, Zeon helped ASQ turn low click-through rates at a high cost into a thing of the past. A new strategy gave potential ASQ members a stronger call to action, improving click-through rates, and most importantly, helping conversion rates for potential members climb.

We are currently working on transitioning ASQ to a more user-friendly analytics suite with Google Analytics, and by leveraging the Google Tag manager to streamline and enhance analytics and reporting processes. Our analytics roadmap will entail creating monthly reports that will be delivered corporate-wide to share overall metrics that will help inform new and ongoing digital initiatives.

In short, the ASQ voice is finally being heard, and will continue to get louder.

Our Results

  • 177% increase in PPC traffic
  • Click-through rates increased 20-50%
  • Cost-Per Click decreased by 63% and Cost-Per-Order by 75%
  • Conversion rates as high as 7% in a given month
  • Social PPC ads converting as high as 36%
  • ROAS as high as 18:1 in a given month (original ROI was 9:1)
  • Remarketing for display ROAS as high as 11:1
  • Increase in visitors without a blow to the budget
  • Continuous year-over-year growth in revenue and orders
  • Streamlined and enhanced analytics and reporting processes

“Zeon Solutions helps us continuously exceed ROI targets and revenue goals with recommendations that grow our organization. We consider them a value added partner that’s helping us expand ASQ’s digital landscape.”

– Susan Downer Manager, Marketing Services at ASQ