Increase product data accuracy and reduce New Product Introductions (NPIs) by up to 80%


Ready to take the next step toward a better Product Information Management experience?

Product Information Management (PIM) allows manufacturers, distributors and retailers to work with a central data repository. This enterprise-wide access to product information is imperative in today's content-driven eCommerce operations and the era of “Big Data".

Consumers expect rich data and images to make purchase decisions while managers require analytical data to make effective procurement decisions. As a result of these increasing information demands, the need for product data accuracy and consistency is critical.

Product information touches many business groups across an organization - IT, sales, merchandising, marketing, accounting and more. The precise flow of product data greatly affects the efficiency and success of the entire enterprise. Implementing a PIM solution enables product data collaboration and synchronization across all corporate systems, giving suppliers, sales and customers a single shared view of the data.

Zeon has partnered with best of breed PIM platforms and has built a dedicated crew of expert consultants, marketing specialists, developers, and project managers to help you keep pace and provide you with a better Product Information Management experience - which means greater efficiency and consistency for you.