Aligning Cross-Functional Teams for Maximum Search Engine Visibility

July 26, 2012 | Video
Aligning Cross Functional Webinar Video

A search engine marketing program can only be as successful as the amount of time put forward in preparation and bringing visibility to cross-functional teams like designers, developers, social media strategists and paid search managers. Whether your organization has an in-house team, or you work with multiple agency partners to implement your SEM programs, bringing alignment will help build efficiencies, uncover hidden gems of useful information, and give you a better understanding of what's working and what's not.

In this informational webinar, topics covered include:

  • Reasons for bringing alignment to your SEM program
  • Teams and resources involved in the process
  • A tried and true methodology to ensuring success
  • Examples of how you can bring alignment to your internal team or outside vendors

Presented By:
Anthony Piwarun, Senior Search Engine Marketing Specialist - Zeon Solutions (@apiwarun)
Allie Kelly, Senior Search Engine Marketing Specialist - Zeon Solutions (@allieakelly)


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