Zeon Solutions understands the importance of company culture. That’s why a culture team named the C.I.A. (Cultural Initiative Alliance) was started at Zeon. The C.I.A. looks to our fellow employees for suggestions and continuously makes improvements throughout the office. Some things the C.I.A. implemented were a Fitness Challenge, a Chili Cook-off, a company picnic and sporting events. We provide a laid back, yet hard working work environment. Our employees value their work environment and our teams hold many networking events and social gatherings outside of work hours.

  • Our-Offices_slides-Cruise2014

    Getting ready to board the river boat for our Taco Cruise 2014.

  • zIndia Party

    All dressed up for a fully catered annual party (2013) at Zeon India. It's just how we roll.

  • Holiday Party

    Looking sharp for the Zeon U.S. Holiday Party.

  • zIndia Group

    Zeon India's Cricket Team. In a word - WINNING!!

  • Cruise

    Below deck for an afternoon on the "open seas."

  • zIndia Party2

    Some of the Zeon India team sit down and enjoy one of Rupesh's many vacation slide shows.

  • Movember

    Some of the men of Zeon, sporting the finest of facial hair for Movember 2013.