Local or Bust! An Intro to Google Local & All Things Links

Didn’t get a chance to go to WordCamp MKE 2014? Check out our key takeaways below and download the deck.

local search takeaways

Local Search 101:

  • Local SEO is helping your website gain visibility for geo-based queries.
  • Local SEO is mainly impacted by Google My Business, on-page, and off-page optimization.
  • Search + Maps + Google+ = Google My Business
  • New updates include Google My Business mobile app and the bulk upload tool for locations with 10+.
  • Local Carousel impacts hospitality, restaurants, and travel.
  • Schema.org to your local landing page adds you to the Google Knowledge Graph.
  • Yelp is most influential review citation source for consumers.

Key Takeaways

  • Claim your Google Local listings on Google My Business
  • Make sure all citations are accurate and consistent (i.e- Zeon Solutions and Zeon Solutions, Inc. are two different places)
  • Optimize local landing page(s) with your category and city/state


What is Change Management?

Project managers are tasked with change management throughout the life cycle of a project’s duration. The balancing act required to implement changes in a project with an established scope, cost and schedule is challenging. When project managers apply change management, the impact changes will likely have on project cost and/or schedule are identified and weighed against the benefits the changes intend to achieve for the business.

Therefore, the dominant focus in change management is on the achievement of operational benefits. Changes often occur during the course of a project are a result of:

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A Sneak Peek into Zeon Project Management!

Be it a small, medium or a large size project, each needs to be executed with the right combination of planning, monitoring, and control in order to complete it on time, on budget, and with high-quality results. Industry experts have found a thin line exists between any successful and failed project. This thin line is based on how effective the project management processes and techniques are utilized in executing the project. Here, we will take a peek inside Zeon’s Project Management practices used to successfully deliver our products to multiple clients across various business verticals and platforms.

Knowing Your Client Is Key

The first step to successfully deliver a project is to understand the requirements of your client. We do this right from the beginning, where Zeon’s Project Manager (PM) and Solution Architect (SA) sit down with our client to perform a basic needs analysis. Stepping into their shoes helps us understand the business and project objective, to propose a solution in line with their goals. Below are some key areas that we focus on to help us continue to grow our list of happy customers:

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Zeon – Crushing the Offshore Stigma

The word “offshore” can be scary for some. Many companies share the same concerns when they hear offshore, “Do these guys even care if we are successful and achieve our goals? Do they understand what we are actually trying to achieve? Do they have the experience or knowledge to be doing this?” Why are companies asking these questions? Maybe call centers are to blame. Is it the frustration of when “Adam” from tech support is trying to assist them with Wifi settings, but does not seem to understand the actual issue? I was not sure what to believe myself, until I went to India to visit Zeon’s team, and found out that it could not be further from the truth. There are three main elements that helps our offshore team succeed: Continue reading “Zeon – Crushing the Offshore Stigma” »

How to Remove Your Google Penalty

It seems like every day another website is being penalized by Google for black hat SEO strategies including numerous strategies to increase backlinks. Finding yourself in this situation is not fun. Suddenly traffic has plummeted along with all your sales… what are you going to do?

First, you need to understand that you (or your SEO team or your agency) have probably spent a lot of time (knowingly or unknowingly) cheating the system to try and appear more relevant to Google than you actually are. You created spam and unnatural linking. Google has figured it out and is making you change your ways. So now it’s time to stop all the black hat tactics, clean up the spam you created and move forward with a white-hat-only policy.

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