Best of Class vs. Packaged One-Size-Fits-All 1:1 Commerce

Are you and your company nimble and 1:1?

The 1:1 Marketing team of Don Peppers and Martha Rogers have written a new book with a forward by Geoffrey Moore.  Great insights into the B2B ecosystem and the need to market better and to apply B2C concepts within the B2B marketing model.

Forbes Magazine posted a nice overview of the book – One to One B2B: Customer Development Strategies for the Business-to-Business World (click to read)

It hit me hard that many of the tenents of 1:1 Marketing align with what is now hot within the B2B E-Commerce marketplace.

- No big surprise since E-Commerce has become Commerce and Commerce is business and business is personal.

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Sitecore 8 – Federated Experience Manager

This is installment two of a multipart series on Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Manager. If you are wishing to start at the beginning of the series, please begin HERE.


I left off with an explanation of Skynet; a sort of artificial marketing intelligence that learns user behavior. As promised, part two is FXM or Federated Experience Manager:

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Sitecore 8 Dashboard

Sitecore 8 – A Modern Experience Management System

Sitecore 8 Dashboard

Sitecore 8 Dashboard

In the beginning, there was content. Content fed search engines, which in turn helped to determine search engine rankings, and ultimately contributed to the overall success of a website. It was content that first engaged the user, content that earned user loyalty, and content that maintained website relevancy. All of that content needed a place to live, and as a result, Web Content Management Systems came to prominence.

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The Importance of Software Process Improvement – It’s the journey, not just the destination.

All great endeavors start with a question. In this case it’s the same question every business asks at some point regardless of their industry or position they occupy. How do we get better at what we do? This is as true for a software company as the business down the street that makes canoes. The question usually comes up when they realize that they’ve been too focused on delivery and think “Could we be doing this better, faster, cheaper…using less wood?”

This is where the concept of Software Process Improvement (SPI) comes in. In every industry that uses computers (aka: all of them) there is a need for SPI. Granted, a business has to focus on delivery (and rightly so) but the need for improving internal processes should not be ancillary concern that always comes in last place.

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Searchandising – What we can learn about site search from Brick and Mortar

Have you ever walked into a store only to realize that there is no rhyme or reason to its organization or layout?

Just last weekend I was trying to find a dress (last minute of course) for a friend’s wedding. The first store I entered was disorganized and there was no one to assist me. Frustrated, I moved on to the next store and, because of their layout and personal assistance, found what I was looking for very quickly.

Just as brick and mortar stores usually put a lot of thought into designing their stores to organize and showcase products in the best possible manner, online stores need to do the same. Creating a positive user experience during the site search process is a key to success online. Today, more than 30% of online shoppers utilize the site search box on an eCommerce website. Also, all online consumers are used to the ease, speed, and relevance of Google search and expect similar robustness during their online shopping activities.

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